So many people today suffer from allergies and asthma making it difficult to breathe or even get a good night’s sleep. It does not have to be that way. Many people find that they get relief from the sneezing and coughing of allergies and even a better night’s sleep when they follow a few simple steps. To find out if you can quickly and easily improve the health of your home, take a moment to answer these five questions.

1) Do you have cats or dogs?

2) Do you or anyone in your family smoke in the house?

3) Do you vacuum your carpeting less than twice a week?

4) Has it been longer than 12 months since you’ve had your carpeting professionally cleaned?

5) Has it been 18 months since you’ve had your upholstery professionally cleaned?

How did your home score?
If you answered YES to any of these questions then you can dramatically improve the health of your home.

DID YOU KNOW: Your carpeting has a much more important function than making your home cozy and insulating floors? Carpeting acts as a filter for your home, filtering and trapping pollutants from the air. Without regular professional deep down cleaning, these pollutants are released into the air every time you step on to your carpeting or sit down on a sofa or chair.

Steamco specializes in helping people just like you make their home healthier for the entire family. If your carpet and upholstery are not regularly deep cleaned, they become home to dust mites, grime, bacteria, mold spores, dirt and other pollutants that can aggravate and even cause allergic and asthmatic conditions. Even if you vacuum two to three times a week, pollutants will still build up, deep within your carpet and upholstery.

Steamco provides the kind of sanitizing deep cleaning that pulls those nasty pollutants out of your carpet and upholstery, leaving clean, healthy fibers and improving the air quality of your home. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to quality personalized service. All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so there is no risk.

We also offer an exclusive hypo-allergenic system of cleaning known as Responsible Care for carpeting and upholstery, and Hygienitech: Mattress Cleaning for terminating dust mites from your mattress. Learn more about Responsible Care and Hygienitech: Mattress Cleaning in the services section of our website.