Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Steamco uses a powerful truck mounted hot water extraction unit. We use an exclusive cleaning solution applied to your carpeting and upholstery which is then agitated using a brush to loosen and lift ground in dirt and soil. The cleaning wand injects hot cleaning solutions via jet sprayers to break up any remaining soils and extracts the embedded dirt, contaminants, the solution and 95% of the water leaving no soapy residue and allowing for fast drying time. Average drying time is between 2-6 hours depending on environment. Fans can be used to speed drying process.

Fine Wool Rug Cleaning
Wool rugs are cleaned in our facility. The process involves several crucial steps which insure proper cleaning as recommended by the manufacturer. We gladly pick up and deliver your area rugs at no extra charge. We also offer wrapping for a minimal fee. Wait times are usually 10 business days for completion.

Responsible Care: Hypo-Allergenic System of Cleaning
Steamco’s exclusive hypo-allergenic system of cleaning. This system is specifically designed for allergy sufferers and chemically sensitive. The solutions can be used for carpet and upholstery cleaning. Includes an effective and safe way to control dust mite allergens. “Responsible Care” does not contain solvents, perfumes, phosphates, or any other hazardous materials. Derived from renewable plant source extracts found in certain fruit seeds and plants. Environmentally safe, tested as non-toxic to humans, animals, and plants. Approved by U.S. EPA and OSHA to be non carcinogenic.

Odor Neutralizer
Professional grade odor neutralizer and anti-microbial solution for control of bacteria, mildew growth, some pet odors, and general odors. Eliminates bacteria, and stops mold and mildew growth in carpeting and upholstery. Leaves your carpet smelling fresh and clean, has a very light citrus smell.

3M Scotchgard Carpet Protectant
Applied to carpeting and upholstery to guard against both oil and water based stains. Prevents soil from bonding and penetrating to fibers, in turn making regular vacuuming easier and more efficient. Helps carpet and upholstery resist soiling. Prolongs the life of your carpeting.

Pet Urine Treatment
Combines the power of natural oxygen and biological power of odor modification to destroy odorous materials without leaving a strong artificial fragrance. Cannot be used on cotton, wool, or other natural fibers.

Carpet Re-stretching & Repairs
We offer re-stretching services for loose, or wrinkled wall to wall carpeting. In some cases we can repair burn marks, and ripped seams depending on severity of damage.

Water Extractions
Steamco offers full service water extractions for clean water damage only. Service includes removal of padding, carpet if necessary, drying sub-floor, replacing padding, re-laying carpet, steam cleaning the carpet, and applying anti-microbial solution. We do not service any type of septic damage.

Hygienetech: Mattress Cleaning
A dry, chemical free, and odor free system for eliminating allergens from your mattress. Combines high frequency, pulsating waves, with germ killing UVC light to pulverize and extract dust mites, bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, harmful organisms, and other sediment that accumulates on your mattress.